Company Events

Incentives, company outings, VIP customer tours

All-inclusive packages available, including catering, branding, and tour guide!
For up to 500 people.

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Family Gatherings

Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/ette parties

Turn the occasion into a one-of-a-kind experience!
The entire Viennese tramway network is available for your customized tour! Photo stop included!

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Congress / Transfer

Large-scale events, transfers, conferences

Turn your transfer into a highlight! We will plan your transfer schedule for up to 500 people, precise to the minute!

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Dream wedding, transportation to / from the site

A civil wedding ceremony or simply a perfect ride to the perfect wedding location in a historic tramcar?
Car decorations and flower arrangements for the wedding table? It’s all possible!

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Welcome to the WTM
"Wiener Tramwaymuseum"
(Vienna Tramway Museum)

and its special tours in historic Viennese tramcars

At the WTM, you can rent a listed, genuinely historic tramcar for your personal tour. The entire track system of the Viennese tramway is available for your customized route!
The collection „Wiener Tramwaymuseum“ is a registered association, owning most of the exhibits documented in great detail, such as the horse-drawn tramway and steam engine tramway, as well as modern articulated cars and Ultra-Low-Floor articulated test units – all located at the „Remise - Transport Museum of Wiener Linien“ (Vienna public transportation organization).
The WTM rents out its fleet of cars to provide you with the opportunity to experience a historic tramway ride.
Based on these special tours, the private financial support by Helmut Portele, and countless hours of work by the volunteer-staff of the WTM, this historic tramcar fleet – the world’s largest of a single city - has been maintained and operated for 50 years, independent from outside subsidies.

This is why every tramway tour at the WTM is not only a special experience for you as a passenger, but also a valuable contribution to preserving this unique and irreplaceable collection.