A Family Gathering in a Historic Tramcar ...

… is a special experience that will provide you and your guests with fond memories for years to come!

Be it a birthday, a graduation, retirement, a bachelor/ette party or any other anniversary, a tour in a listed historic tramcar is a unique way of celebrating!

Perhaps there are a few places in Vienna you would consider „landmarks of your life“? We will gladly assist you in planning a route along those special sites.

Vienna’s popular all-time classic of tramway routes is a round-trip along the famous Ring Street including a photo stop at Karlsplatz (St. Charles’ Square). As always, boarding and final station, as well as duration oft he trip, are as flexible as your own schedule!

We will gladly assist you in your catering or organize it all for you.

Request your personal offer now via our online contact form or call us at +43-1-786 03 03!

When celebrating a birthday, flower arrangements and a „birthday train“ banner ("Geburtstagssonderzug") at the front of the tramcar are an absolute must!

We are also happy to provide one of the trademark line signals with your anniversary number for a special souvenir photo! (depending on availability)

A surprise tramway ride as a birthday will let everyone re-live the joy of their childhood days. This incredible moment when a tram full of jubilant people cheering for you approaches you – you cannot describe it, you must feel it!

A poster with a photo of your special person next to the door is a good opportunity for your guests to leave their birthday wishes and makes for a nice souvenir afterwards.

You can also accompany your tour across Vienna via live music or your personal playlist by connecting your iPod / mp3-player to a sound system.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and we are looking forward to arranging everything for your perfect event. Just take a look at our many extra services!


  • Greetings håvard og Tonje zur Fahrt am 06.12.2014
    Dear Elisabeth Thank you so much. We can not be more happy. The tram was a supersize to the guestes. And they were so impressed. I knew it would be fun but it was so cozy aswell. We enjoyed it so much. Everything was perfect :) Greetings håvard og Tonje
    Greetings håvard og Tonje zur Fahrt am 06.12.2014

Gift Coupon

That which last longest, and which we treasure the most,
are fond memories of the people we love.

A gift that creates such memories
is among the most precious we can give.

Have you ever found yourself holding a birthday invitation in your hands, thinking, „What do I give to someone who already has everything?“ If yes, a gift coupon for a tramway tour might just be what you are looking for ... Just ask us about it.