„Wiener Tramwaymuseum“ – Vienna Tramway Museum (WTM)

vehicle maintenance, documentation, rental service, and museum

collection founded on June 15, 1966
, by Helmut PORTELE
registered as association on January 8, 1973 / approved on March 14, 1973
association’s founding assembly held on March 12, 1974

association registry number: 599142517 („ZVR“ number)

Managing Board:

Chairman: Patrick PORTELE
Vice-chairman, financial affairs and customer service: Elisabeth PORTELE
Secretariat and service schedules: Ernst MÖSLINGER
Heads of garage: Ernst MÖSLINGER
Members: 62 insured employees active in exhibtions, tramway operation, and garage

Owner of

109 historic museum vehicles
(50 motorcars / 55 trailers / 1 ULF test unit / 1 trailer snow-plow / 1 trolley coach motorcar / 1 trolley coach trailer & 2 Z-pivot-bogies)

26 of the historic museum vehicles (12 engine cars / 14 trailers)
are currently in use as rentable tramway cars.

and a vast archive of facilities of the Vienna tramway services,
with currently 4,552 items (large- and small-scale exhibits, billboards, blueprints, scriptures, and others),
as well as 28,520 spare parts,
stationed, exhibited, or stored at: „Remise – Transport Museum of Wiener Linien
at 1030 Vienna, Ludwig-Koeßler-Platz / Fruethstraße 6 / (Erdbergstraße 109)
and museum depots Vienna and Traiskirchen.

WTM Fields of Activity:

vehicle maintenance and documentation, rental service, and museum;
Documentation of Vienna’s public railtrack traffic,
especially preservation and maintenance of historic vehicles and facilities of special interest;

Organization of events and consulting service & support
of all institutions of the city of Vienna, especially
public utility and traffic services (Wiener Linien) in regards to such events;

Special tours with historic tramcars within the entire Viennese tramway network
in support of Vienna’s tourism and historical documentation.

Bank details:  Bank Austria AG
UID-Nr.: ATU46676707

Office Address:

Wiener Tramwaymuseum (WTM)
Holochergasse 24
1150 Vienna
landline: +43-1-786 03 03
cellphone: +43-699-1-786 03 03
Fax: +43-1-98 24 124
e-mail: info@tram.at
Web: www.tram.at, www.wiener-tramwaymuseum.org